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Can’t Touch This!

I decided to pick three insects and just illustrate them. Then I decided to forcefully symbolize their names with corresponding objects. If you get it, you get it. If not I’m sorry for the¬†inconvenience that I have caused to your brain. Have yourself a lovely day.¬†

Copyright © 2011 Kamal Patel. All Rights Reserved

Lady Muerte

During the day the crow keeps an eye on what goes on at the cemetery. He knows which coffins would be of interest to his Mistress Lady Muerte. When night falls he points out to her these particular coffins.

She raids these coffins of the dead for a special rose. The family of the dead to ensure a safe passage leaves these roses. The roses grant her power and youth. If she is lucky which she his most of the time she can just take the rose.
This is time Lady Muerte isn’t so lucky. She comes across a coffin with a rose and a soul still attached to it. In order to obtain this rose from the clutches of its jaws she has to grant this soul one wish.

Granting a wish would deplete her power and make her age and sometimes a rose doesn’t contain enough power to replace what she has lost. She can leave it until another time when the soul has gone or grant the wish. Lady Muerte has a kind heart and is in good mood most of the time so she might grant this soul’s wish.

Copyright ©2011 Kamal Patel. All rights reserved.
Needs help with blowing his nose.
Acrylic on canvas
Painting by: Kamal Patel
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